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We currently offer range grown meat chickens (Cornish Broilers) and will have Black Turtle Beans (dry beans) towards the end of September. All of our products can be purchased at the farm on chicken pick-up days (see home page for updated details).

Cornish Broilers
Whole chickens only, pick up schedules at the farm are: We will be open Friday 9/19, October 3, 17 and 31. For 2009 we will start deliveries on the first week of June and maybe even the last week of May (stay tuned for calendar on this website) and there will be pick-ups until the third week of November as well.
Black Turtle Beans
Grown in partnership with families from Central America who live in our area, we produce, package and retail black turtle beans. They are also available in larger quantities for retail stores. This is a unique variety of beans that we have adopted over many years and selected for taste, size and other key characteristics to make them suitable to our ecological conditions.